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should you repair it or replace ??

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 8:47 AM
Should you repair your roof or replace it
A roof is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make. By repairing first, a homeowner can budget and save for the large replacement expenditure down the road. However, there is also great comfort in replacing the roof, from the increased aesthetic appeal as well as the security in knowing that your home and possessions are safe from water intrusion and its ill effects.
The goal of the good quality contractor is to help educate and advise potential clients so they can make the best decision possible, based on their roofing needs. If you are considering a repair or replacement, we recommend the following list of considerations and questions to ask your roofing contractor prior to deciding which decision is best for you.
1. How long do you plan to keep the home?
2. How long can you expect the current roof and flashings to last?
3. What are the signs of deterioration the contractor is seeing?
4. If you are selling the home in 1-5 years from now:

  • Will the roof pass an inspection at that time?
  • If it will not pass an inspection at that time will it pass with more repairs or will it require replacement?
  • How does the roof look from the ground? Is it unattractive and likely to affect the curb appeal when it is being sold or rented out? Is it in good enough condition to be cleaned for substantially better appeal without harming the roof? (Pressure washing harms asphalt shingles and any type of wood roofs. A chemical treatment and hand brushing should be used for these types).

5. Has the roofing estimator inspected the entire roof to address potential leaks/deficiencies, or just the current leak area or obvious deficiency? The roofer should always inspect the entire roof.
6. What is the likelihood of additional leaks manifesting? If there are more what would it cost to fix any interior damage weighed against the cost of doing preventative repairs now?
7. If the repair is performed will it be visible and will it match, or be a potential eyesore? This matters more if selling the home(most visible repairs do not match due to weathering and organic growth on the existing roof covering ; some repairs do weather-in after a few months)
8. Will potential leaking be on your mind if you do not replace the roof? Has this leak been hard to find? Would you have more peace of mind with replacing the roof and its age and condition supports this decision?
Finally, seek referrals. Angie’s List, friends, family and roofing supply stores are great places to seek advice and recommendations. Precise, detailed estimates, quality service and materials, expert advice and guidance, balanced intake and exhaust ventilation, fair pricing, excellent workmanship, attention to safety and first class customer service, these are things you should expect from your roofing contractor.

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